Class Areas

  • public class Areas
    extends java.lang.Object
    • Method Detail

      • getAreaDatabaseSize

        public static int getAreaDatabaseSize​(Context context)
      • doesAreaDatabaseExist

        public static boolean doesAreaDatabaseExist​(Context context)
      • getArea

        public static Areas.Area getArea​(Context context,
                                         java.lang.String warincellID)
      • getAreas

        public static java.util.ArrayList<Areas.Area> getAreas​(Context context,
                                                               java.util.ArrayList<java.lang.String> warincellIDs)
        Gets Areas with initialized polygons.
        context -
        warincellIDs - the warncellIDs to get the polygons for. When null, the whole database will be returned.
        an arraylist of areas.
      • getAreas

        public static java.util.ArrayList<Areas.Area> getAreas​(Context context,
                                                               int type)
      • getAreaByName

        public static Areas.Area getAreaByName​(Context context,
                                               java.lang.String areaname)
      • getAllAreaNames

        public static java.util.ArrayList<java.lang.String> getAllAreaNames​(Context context)
      • getAllWarncellIDs

        public static java.util.ArrayList<java.lang.String> getAllWarncellIDs​(Context context)
      • test

        public static int test​(Context context)